James Black

Whitestown, Indiana | Info@JamesJBlackPhotography.com

My photographs have appeared everywhere from billboards to trading cards to nationally televised Walmart commercials to tickets and everywhere in between. Examples of the national and local publications include:

Remember those Instant Polaroid cameras? You know, the ones that printed out the little white bordered photos. I'm not sure what it was about that camera, but that's what got me hooked on photography. From the moment my grandma gave me the OneStep 600 Series in 1996 it never left my neck.

Maybe it was the cool sounds it made. "Click, pshh, mmm, errrr". Or the magic of a piece of paper exiting the front of ​the camera with the exact image that I just saw through the viewfinder. Or possibly having to shake, wave and blow on the photo anxiously waiting for the gray to fade and an ​image to appear. All were enamoring to a six-year-old me.

24 years later my camera no longer makes those noises and the pictures don't require waving. But the magic is still there. From sports to portraits and landscapes to events, capturing a single moment in time fascinates me now more than ever.

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